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It’s not often we get the chance to work on projects within our the local community so we were dead chuffed to be offered the chance to help create some positive marketing materials for Devon County Council’s Involvement & Equalities Team. We created an animated video and infographic in collaboration with Devonshire young people in care.

The Pledge is a list of promises that DCC are making to all children and young people in care in Devon. It also tells the adults who work with children in care what they should be doing to support them. The plan was to raise awareness to everyone involved. Care experienced young people and care leavers had been working on a newly updated pledge including a list of top 15 priorities which will directly inform the new Corporate Parenting Strategy and action plan.

To be fair it was a tricky brief for us: “Create an Infographic, Poster and Animated Video, (standard stuff so far) the artwork and design needs to have been co-produced with children and young people in care.” Hmmmm…..

We totally understand how important it is that young people have the opportunity to be involved, however it’s not something we’ve any experience of. So, we drafted in the inspirational Miss.C* Graffiti Academy to run a one day Graffiti workshop. Now Cleo’s got the mettle when it comes to this sort of thing, a fully qualified and trained Community Artist, Arts Teacher & Freelance Artist. The young people took part by cutting out stencils from paper icons we designed. Next step, get spraying! With huge thanks to Cleo who ably guided us all through the day, a creative and fun time was had by all, creating artwork on canvas as individuals and the final team effort below.


Now back to The Lab to create the final artwork. Simon used a mix of live tracing, photo montage and paint splat masking techniques to pick out the vibrant graffiti elements created by the young people. Added the new Pledge and hey presto, you’ve got yourself an infographic and poster design. Similar techniques were used for the animation where we used Cinema 4D to create a 3D space. We made a series of corridors and rooms so that we could display some of the original artwork at it’s best and animated text for The Pledge. The young people and DCC were delighted with the final outcome and I have to say we are too, take a look and let us know what you think.

You can catch the video on their dedicated Stand Up Speak Up website http://www.standupspeakup.org.uk/the-pledge/

Why not check out Miss C* while you’re at it http://www.missc.info/Welcome.html


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