Return Of The Gif

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You remember these, well you will if you’ve been around the block a few times. Animated gifs have been poking their cheeky little faces around the internet for over 20 years now-I know! GIF files (Graphics Interchange Format) are like a mini slide show or a 5 second video clip, they fell out of fashion in recent years, probably due to the the vast amount of sparkly, pixelated poor quality rubbish out there. And also probably in part to Facebooks gif embargo.

All things 90s seem to be making a come back along with crop tops and trashy rave music. Gifs are being used by artists, fashion houses and photographers, Tumblr have an entire page devoted to them and Google + supports them. Now that we’ve got more creative with them they can be incredibly beautiful and powerful, Buzzfeed used them to great affect during London 2012 Olympics. Cinemagraph is the new term coined by New York fashion photographer Jamie Beck and graphic designer Kevin Burg. The term reflects the cinematic affect of a gif whilst adhering to traditional photography methods. Enter, Flixel & Echograph bringing cinemagrams to the masses by way of mobile app and we’re all at it. Which means it’s a trend that’s here to stay……for a while. See the Google trend report below.

Okaaaay, so they’re cool (at the moment Thursday 25th April 2013) but can we use them as a worthwhile web marketing tool? It would seem so and here’s why we think that. Anything animated on a page is going to stand out from the standard, static web content. That’s a real strong call to action. They’re not too time consuming-Youtube videos all distract us away from the task in hand, typically a gif can be anything from 2-5 seconds, perfect for our modern life attention deficit. They can be incredibly emotive and evocative which is inspiring, feels good and provokes a reaction.

Stylish or funny there’s no denying a gifs ability to grab our attention.

Gifs Get Classy.  Cinemagraph Jamie Beck | Kevin Burg


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