So What Is An Infographic?

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Infographics are generally a sub-section of what the design community calls Data Visualisation, which could be a simple graph put into a more engaging form, a flow chart or a more complex Infographic.

Companies are constantly collecting complex and rich data to analyse performance, engagement, buying patterns, trends and well just more and more stuff. How can we present that information in a way that we can all understand? We could just churn out a load of pie and bar graphs but that would bore you all to death or we could produce an infographic that presents that information in an interesting way that we can all easily digest.

The next thing to consider is that an easy to read illustration or picture which tells a story, answers a burning question or quite simply is just for fun is much more likely to provoke an interaction from the user-sharing, liking and and spreading that data around the internet. Infographics can become an invaluable social media tool to raise brand awareness and inbound links. Infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a traditional article or blog post, which is not at all surprising when you consider that psychologists reckon that 90% of communication is non verbal- we are visual beings! They come in a myriad of styles. We love them and we’ve had some great results with over 10,000 views-now that’s an engaging piece of data!

So, how do you create a great graphic? Well, there are rules for best practice that we like to follow. If you’re producing a factual “teach me something” graphic, get your facts straight and we don’t mean Google them, draw stats from reputable data sources or your own market research. Then there are some unusual rules about the general look and feel of an infographic, for example; Infographics on coloured or textured backgrounds are generally better received. Choose a punchy title Eg: Instead of “Consumer Report For The EEE Electrical group” try “How To Be Electric!” The graphic should have an eye-catching thumbnail when viewed online to encourage click through. And lastly, and this is going to be painful folks…..throw your brand guidelines out the window (gasp!) and go for it creatively. Anything super corporate will look like a direct advertising attempt, result: lower engagement levels.

So here’s to a world of fun and engaging images that educate and humour us!



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